The First ‘Wink’

Oh wonderful online dating- so far I am only in the communicating with others online state of this experience and right now I’m kinda ambivalent to it.  It is something that I am giving a chance, because it seems that normal means just don’t really work for me…but I also forget that having to write everything down can be a royal pain in my arse.  It also reminds me that I am going to have to be patient.

There is some stuff that is lacking from an initial ‘meeting’ in an online atmosphere- you have to trust a lot of things on their profile picture and a few paragraphs.  I hope that most people are actually honest with their pictures…but sometimes it is hard to believe that.  You also don’t have that natural ‘click’ that just happens sometimes in real life.  You know- when you meet someone and you know that you are going to be friends.  You don’t know how you know it, but you do.

That is not something that I have yet found with the online experience.  And the first person that I have responded to- well- I’m not sold.  I’m not saying that I have to be absolutely blown away by how well someone can write, but I do appreciate things like full sentences and proper grammar.  (I can forgive spelling mistakes every once and awhile or if you aren’t a good speller, but chat speak is not acceptable.)  I am trying to stay open, but really- don’t ask questions that allow me to give short one word answers- I’m not going to offer a lot more without someone asking about it.

It is just an odd experience, especially for someone who goes with their gut on things.  I judge my attraction to someone on many interactions and the way that I see the person acting.  I’m not really good at judging a person’s character based on written words.  Body language is something that gives me cues and while I get to meet many more people at an online site I do not get the same sort of cues.

How am I going to overcome some of the things that I am finding a bit lacking in the online dating process so far?  I don’t know…I’m not really sure how it can be overcome without actual meetings and actual meetings with complete strangers aren’t really things that I want to do right now.  So for the time being- I guess I’m going to have to learn how to write a really good email or maybe find a guy that knows how to write one- either way- it should be interesting.


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