Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (If You See Me Dance Like an Idiot Tonight)

As I mentioned in my previous post ‘The Women That I Am’- I am a bit of a dancer.  I took ballet lessons as a kid and branched out to tap dancing and jazz dancing as I got older.  I did cheerleading for years, which required me to dance to hip hop music that was the furthest thing from ballet that you could imagine.

For the most part I do not dance in front of people, unless it is something that is well choreographed that I have practiced for hours and hours.  I just don’t have the gumption to go out and dance in front of people for no reason.  I might, occasionally, jump up and down for no reason or do a little dance when I’m excited- but that is what I usually limit it to when I am in front of people.

There are times when I wonder what would happen if someone saw me really dance- my stupid, crazy, jump up and down like a little kid, spin until I feel nauseous kind of dancing.  I can honestly say that I enjoy dancing like this and I most definitely have a fear of dancing in public.  Who doesn’t?  I’m not exactly into ‘booty’ dancing and I’d much rather act like a little kid than a sexy seductress when it comes to dancing.

So- I’m still waiting to find a person that I feel confident enough around to know that even if I make a complete and utter fool of myself (which is something I happen to be good and and do on a regular basis) – that they will not  running for the hills thinking that I am an absolute loon.  I know that I have other characteristics that are probably far more unapproachable, but for me this is one way that I will know when I truly let my walls down to some one, and I will be dancing like a fool when I do it.

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