If I Could Put Attractiveness in a Bottle it Would Be…

Don’t you just wish that you could bottle up the things that you like best about all of the people that you have been interested in the past and sell it?  That smell that you absolutely loved or the eyes that you couldn’t help but find yourself staring into.  Yeah- all of those things would be wonderful to find in one person and there is a very good chance that you will find an entirely different set of things once you meet the right one- but maybe the question should be- are you focusing solely on the outside or are you also looking at the inside?

Admittedly, attraction usually begins because of the outside features- whether it is a sparkling set of blue eyes or a great butt that you just cannot resist- people are drawn to other people by what their eyes see.  You can most definitely build a fling out of physical characteristics alone and if that is what you want- more power to you.  I, for one, cannot do it.  That nice set of eyes may get me to pay attention, but it is the other things that I see that make me want to learn more about a person.

The inside of a person really does count.  I know plenty of people that hide parts of themselves because they are afraid of what the world will think of them.  I have even been that person a time or two in my life- sometimes you do this because it is easier, other times people do this because they think it is what the world expects of them.  While it is fine to work on the things you need to work on- you should never try to change the person that you are on the inside, because, eventually, that person will come out.  It is far better to let someone know all of your issues from the beginning than it is to spring it on them unsuspectingly.

For those people out there that manage to work past the physical attributes that initially attracted you to a person- what is it that you look for on the inside?  Do you look for someone that is caring?  Funny? Protective? Intelligent? A bit zaney?  What one quality is there that trumps all of it for you and makes you want to go even further?  I would dare say that it is, most likely, a combination of several factors and depending on the person in question- maybe even some factors that I have not mentioned here. I guess what I am really asking is do you know what you really like the best?

There are times when I meet someone and I immediately like something about their personality- whether it is the fact that they are funny or happen to take life seriously- either one can be something that I can appreciate.  However, I do find that I do have some inconsistencies in what I like.  I can certain say that I do not appreciate jerks, but something that I might consider a flaw in one guy, I can find a bit endearing in another.  Is this crazy?  Probably.  Do I have any real explanation for it?  Nope. I’m not sure if I’ll ever find one, but if I could put all of these things together in a bottle- I would most likely throw it away. It’s not a real person and having a bottle or list of qualifications just might keep you and me from noticing the people that are right in front of you.


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