The Importance of Pretty Underwear

Women all around the world probably spend more money on their underwear in a year than men do in five or ten years, maybe even more depending on the man or the amount of money that the woman in question spends.  Why do women do this?  I hope that it is not because of some misplaced belief that buying the underwear that only twiggy Victoria’s Secret models can look wonderful in, will make you look like them.  I believe it is for a much simpler reason- it just makes us feel better about ourselves.

A couple of months ago now, I was doing some practical underwear shopping.  The kind of shopping that involves only solid colors and nothing that can really be called pretty and feminine.  This was the kind of underwear that has a specific purpose to serve and shall never be seen by anyone but me- so long as I live.  One of my friends happened to be with me that day and she asked me why I was not getting any pretty underwear.  My simple answer- why did I care what underwear I was wearing?  Ultimately- I am still going to look in the mirror and see the couple inches I need to lose from my waist and the extra pounds that have gathered around my thighs.  She, however, had a very valid point.  If I don’t want to look good for me- who do I want to look good for?

Let’s sort out the people that I don’t want to look good for first- that list is a bit longer and probably a bit more insightful.  I don’t want to look good for my friends- yeah, they shouldn’t see me in my underwear.  My family- pretty much the same thing.  My boyfriend (cue the crickets)- he doesn’t exist, yet and I know that it would take me a long time to even get comfortable enough with someone to walk around clad only in a bra and panties.  As you can see- there aren’t really any people that I have a motivation to buy pretty underwear for.

There is one person though- me.  Now, the underwear does not distract from my physical flaws, but it is a bit of a symbol.  A symbol to part of my brain that is still in a bit of a rebellion that I am worth it.  Worth what, you might ask?  I’ll explain.  I am worth being wanted by someone.  I am worth the effort that I put in to making myself look good.  I am worth it.  And for me, having pretty underwear proves something to me.  It proves to my rational side that sometimes you do not need a reason to feel pretty- even when you are sitting around the house in pajamas and have bed head or when you have dressed up in one of your prettiest dresses and plan to have a night out on the town.

It is much more than just the idea of pretty underwear, the garments themselves give me a bit of a confidence boost.  It proves to that unruly part of me that still believes that I am a complete ugly duckling that under the drab, ill fitting uniform that I call my work clothes there is a woman.  There is a woman that longs for all the things that women long for and she wants to feel pretty and appreciated by those that are around her.  And if all of that starts with pretty underwear- I just wonder what else I might be able to do with the proper clothing in hand.


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